About Us

Hello and welcome dear customer.

Being a little bit French we sometimes philosophise (usually over a glass or two of good Burgundy) about what makes us tick. Suffice to say that after many a bottle, we’ve come to the conclusion that philosophy is best left to the professionals, leaving us to focus on the food that our customers enjoy.

After nearly 30 years of tickling our guests’ taste buds with our much-loved Gallic flavours, we think we have figured out the secret that keeps people coming back for more: A perfectly formed wine list, a seasonally updated menu that somehow always manages to have everyone’s favourite dishes, and à la mode service from a team who function more like a passionate Mediterranean family than co-workers.

So, if London life is getting you down, step through our front door and be transported to a bustling corner of Paris. Ours is a place where you can eat, drink and relax à la Française as if you were in your own dining room – just without having to do the dishes yourself!

Our History

Our History

In case you were wondering, the original owner was indeed a French chap called Luc. Like many of our customers, he was an enterprising type who snapped up a few premises in Leadenhall Market back in the 80s. Luc originally intended to sell his properties but when the deal fell through, he decided instead to open a restaurant et voilà Luc’s Brasserie was born. It turned out to be a good decision as Luc’s has become nothing short of a City institution over the years.

Our Team

Our Team

To us, there is no greater pleasure than knowing our customers’ names. It means you’re a regular – and if you’re a regular we know we are doing something right. That’s why we pride ourselves on being a close-knit team who are more like family than co-workers. Some members have been with us since the day we opened – like the kitchen duo, Darrin and head chef Dahmane who have been working together for over 20 years. Their dedication and genuine passion for food inspires everyone who works here. From our front of house staff to the often unseen team in the kitchen, everything we do is centered around authenticity and providing the best possible experience for our customers.


Dahmane, Luc's Head Chef


Moh, Restaurant Manager

Our Suppliers

Our Suppliers

Our suppliers are not just suppliers; they’re specialists. You know, those nerdy types who are always pushing themselves to learn just that tiny bit more than everyone else about their chosen vocation. We’ve been working with most of them for many years, forging long-standing relationships to source the freshest and best ingredients.

Our meat is from Thatcham’s, a leading butchery supplying British beef and hand cut meats. Our veggies come from Bill Bean and IA Harris, both of whom we’ve been working with since their inception. Our coffee is delivered freshly roasted on a weekly basis from a small artisan supplier. To source our fabled wine list, we work closely with Les Caves de Pyrene, a French supplier who often pops in with a new bottle or two for us to try. Last but not least are you, our customers, who supply us with insight and greatly valued opinion.



Unfortunately we are not able to take bookings for more than 6 people via the Opentable website.

However, we would be more than happy to accommodate your group.

All you need to do is call us on 020 7621 0666. Remember to give us all of the details for your booking, including any special requirements.